CeBit was in full bloom this week, with loads of tablets shown in Germany on the floor of the event. One of them was the PaceBlade PM240, that runs Windows 8 on top of an Intel Core i7 processor. This is a 12 inch tablet, focused on mobility and great processing power.

It also has the full selection of ports available, including Ethernet, 2 USB ports, HDMI, audio in and out and a docking port. There’s also a dock in the mix, for people interested in purchasing this device. Users can also use fingers to interact with Win 8 or go with a Wacom stylus, that comes in handy for professional illustrators, who do design and similar work. There’s also an interesting aspect when it comes to charging: a dual battery setup. This means that seamless battery swapping can be done, without any downtime.

This concept came from the medical application segment, where you can’t power down machines that interact with sick people. Of course, all of these goodies come with a big price and very bulky design, so if you’re willing to accept both of them, check out this product in the hands on below and maybe… order one.