Via a Chinese source, a series of supposed Surface Pro 3 tablet specs have appeared online, being listed below. I see some pretty impressive features here, that would even make a very good laptop jealous, so let’s check them out.

surface 3

The Surface Pro 3 could be seen this summer, since Microsoft did debut the Surface series during a June event if I remember well. While we may not get to see a new RT model, it’s likely that the Pro is still on the map, as well as a potential Surface Mini. So, here are the rumored specs:

  • Core i7 Skylake CPU (14 nm, 1.8 GHz/2.3 GHz with Turbo Boost, 25W, 3MB L3)
  • 16 GB RAM, LPDDR4 2133 MHz
  • Intel Iris Pro graphics
  • 1 TB storage
  • 12.9 inch LED display, 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • 10900 mAh battery
  • Windows 8.1/Office 2013
  • WiFi, 4G LTE, microSIM, Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2, SDXC, HDMI 1.4

The quantity of RAM seems a bit exaggerated, while the rest of the specs are pretty realistic, maybe aside from the storage. I also wonder what kind of toll these high end specs will take on the design. Will the device be bulky? By the way, take them with a grain of salt, since they’re rumors for now.

  • DeianStancu

    it is a fake. Intel hasn’t launched even Broadwell yet, there are no final products so Skylake being a refresh, couldn’t have launched before.

  • Hunffi

    I own 1TB SSD storage in my Convertible, which isn’t anymore expensive and it makes abolutely sense, if their high-end model, which will not be shipped before Sept/Oct 2014, will have a new i7 and 1TB. It will hopefully be a fanless model like the HP Spectre x2.

  • DeianStancu

    Surface Pro uses NGFF SSD, there is not such a big SSD yet. And even so, the price is ridiculous high, almost 1000$, same as a whole Surface Pro tablet so it’s not a viable option.
    Also, you haven’t paid attention to codename of CPU, Skylake does not exist, yet. Intel launches a platform every year and this year is Broadwell which also is not a launched product yet.
    These specs look fit for Surface Pro 4, not 3, for 2015 year product.

  • abdwlla

    even if it is , but the design is really shit , we need a design like samsung ativ q , or fujitsu stylistic q704 , if the battery is 10900 mA , it mean it work up to 20 hours
    what if the battery explode , Iam sure the person will be burned

  • TonToe

    Are you broken?