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Motorola Tablet, Closer to Reality?

Yesterday, during Motorola's post-earnings conference call, the company's co-CEO (Sanjay Jha) talked about the new form factors that are being considered right now and tablets also came up. Barron's quotes the...

Motorola Sholes Tablet XT701 Gets Pictured Extensively, Specs Made Clear

Guess what's coming from Russia this Sunday morning? It's none other than the Motorola Sholes Tablet XT701, getting pictured again in a series of fresh images, accompanied by a bunch of...

Motorola Sholes Tablet Gets Pictured, Different Versions Coming?

We've seen the Motorola Sholes tablet a bunch of times before, but it seems that the device will have more than one version, according to the latest leaked pics. The device...

Motorola Sholes Tablet Pictured Live

The folks of Mobile Android China managed to score the first live photos of the Motorola Sholes Tablet, that you can check out below. The specs of this device are pretty...

Motorola Sholes is Actually a Tablet?!

A pair of recent leaks related to Motorola points towards the existence of a Motorola Sholes tablet. A portion of the Motoblur website mentions the "Sholes UMTS T-Mobile US" and "Sholes...

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