We wrote about the potential of a new BlackBerry tablet and now the BlackBerry CEO goes ahead and teases this direction of the company. Thorsten Heins said in a recent interview that Android and Windows Phone can’t be called true mobile computing platforms.


The interview was with Computerworld Australia and Heins said that his company thought about offering BlackBerry services to Windows Phone and Android at some point. Then the decision to not share the vision came and BB kept the goodies to itself. Heins considers the new BB 10 OS much more than the famous operating systems mentioned before. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t seem very clear how the new BB OS is better than iOS or Android, but maybe a future version will reveal that secret.

Or maybe the tablet version of the QNX-inspired platform will reveal a stunning experience. Heins said that BlackBerry doesn’t have any new tablet to announce right now, but there are “a few projects running right now”. This is code wording for “we’re making a tablet but we can’t show it to you right away”.