The latest info coming from RIM included leaks of new handsets and some bad news from the financial side… now we get some info concerning the company’s tablet, the PlayBook. Turns out that the device (that shipped 200k units last quarter) will get price cuts and a software update.

The info comes straight from the RIM co-Ceo Jim Balsillie, saying that rebates will be applied to the device and an incentive program is also on its way for business sales. The same RIM official said that there’s an important update coming for this device, most likely version 2.0 of the PlayBook’s QNX OS that will be shown in action during next month’s DevCon and will be released immediately after the event.

Speculations say this update will bring stuff such as an Android player, native calendar, contacts and email, that would be a blessing for this neglected device. With a bunch of Android apps to come to the PlayBook and its own way of communication without a BlackBerry phone, what’s stopping you now from getting one?