We knew that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet wasn’t performing that well and rumors claimed that the WiFi only version was bound to get an axe, but to be surpassed by the Windows slate segment that’s just… sad. Strategy Analytics is reporting that in Q2 2011, Microsoft shipped more tablets than RIM.

This is quite bad for RIM, considering that Win 7 wasn’t even designed for tablets and people don’t find it particularly appealing on a tablet. If you’re interested in figures, know that Microsoft owned 4.6% of the tablet market share (in Q2), while RIM got 3.3%. Apple is still leading with 61.3%, while Google is second with 30.1% in second place.

I guess that things will be different when Windows 8 comes out, since Microsoft will already have a lot of partners lined up till then. Also, the sales mentioned above are unjust, since I prefer QNX OS to Win 7 any day, since it’s a pretty good platform.

  • Lino

    I have a Playbook abd am about to throw it out the window.
    What happened to the updates? What happened to the apps?
    Lame lame lame. Wasted money.
    I’m about to go Xoom anytime soon.

  • Jim

    I have a PlayBook as well. I can’t understand it as well.  I can type super fast in portrait mode because it is so portable and light weight. It’s an awesome tablet. Even the US government will only use this tablet. I guess that people don’t know how great it is. I think the people at RIMM did a great job on it. Maybe not a great job at promoting it.  

  • Jim

    My friend. The boat load of apps will be coming soon. Just hang tight.
    What kind of apps do you like?
    I have an iPod.  Lots of apps. The funny thing is, I never use the apps that I downloaded.
    I guess apps are good for kids. Keeps them out of trouble and gives them something for them to do.