We knew that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet wasn’t performing that well and rumors claimed that the WiFi only version was bound to get an axe, but to be surpassed by the Windows slate segment that’s just… sad. Strategy Analytics is reporting that in Q2 2011, Microsoft shipped more tablets than RIM.

This is quite bad for RIM, considering that Win 7 wasn’t even designed for tablets and people don’t find it particularly appealing on a tablet. If you’re interested in figures, know that Microsoft owned 4.6% of the tablet market share (in Q2), while RIM got 3.3%. Apple is still leading with 61.3%, while Google is second with 30.1% in second place.

I guess that things will be different when Windows 8 comes out, since Microsoft will already have a lot of partners lined up till then. Also, the sales mentioned above are unjust, since I prefer QNX OS to Win 7 any day, since it’s a pretty good platform.