Since BUILD 2011 came and went, with it also coming the Windows 8 Samsung tablet presentation, it’s now for a long awaited duel: iOS 5 vs Win 8. The battle takes place by confronting an iPad 2 with the newest Apple OS with the tablets available for testing at BUILD 2011. I’m guessing that this is the Samsung tablet they’ve used for demos, but if I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.

The author of the comparison video is winrumors, that takes us through a 11 minute tour of the iPad 2 iOS 5 duel with the new Windows tablet. If you’re familiar with the Metro UI from WP7, you’ll feel right at home in Windows 8, but you can always opt for the classic Win 7 desktop view if you want. I’m guessing you won’t, since it’s more intuitive to use tiles, gestures and the cool multitasking system available.

What these platforms have in common is a list of available apps and as far as virtual keyboard goes, I have to admit that the one on the iPad 2 looks more comfortable. I’d have to test the keyboard on the Windows 8 slate to judge for myself… If you feel that there’s any bug, lag or glitch in Win 8, worry not, as we’ll have to wait a couple more months till it comes and everything will be fixed.