BlackBerry CEO, John Chen has offered hints regarding the next product that his company will release: a phablet. Chen said that the company is already late to the tablet market, during an interview with the Jakarta Post.


The phablet market however is still ripe for the taking, apparently. The CEO claims that the phablet segment is growing and a BlackBerry phablet could be the motor of that growth. Since even Apple is said to be making a 5.5 inch device, it’s clear where things are going. Chen didn’t totally deny the idea of a tablet, but also mentioned that there’s a new technology required to make it appealing.

The company focused on new products lately, like the Z3 smartphone and now they’re going to the phablet. The question is if we’ll see a high end model or a midranger. The enterprise features will certainly play a major part on this product and I wonder why BlackBerry doesn’t tackle a PadFone-like device, since its boss claimed that a hybrid between phone and tablet is needed.