It’s been quite a while since BlackBerry debuted its first tablet at DevCon 2010 and the company has suffered a rebranding and some failures since then. Now it seems like the time for a new slate has come, according to fresh rumors.


The PlayBook was actually a pretty good device, especially after its limitations were gone through an update or two. Before CEO Chen, BB officials said there was no plan to make another tablet, but now that direction has been turned around, thanks to the new management. During a BlackBerry Experience event last week, John Sims, President of Enterprise at BlackBerry revealed that they “see value in a tablet” and that “John Chen REALLY likes the idea of a tablet”.

Of course this is not a priority for the company who is trying to make its smartphones appealing again. The company wants to get a niche going in the healthcare and other regulated industries. BlackBerry and NanHealth are working on a smartphone for the medical sector, so maybe there’s room for a tablet as well. If the hardware division is stabilized, we may see a tablet around Q4 2015.