It is known that by the end of this month RIM is planning on announcing two of its its newest smartphones in the BlackBerry OS 10 line-up, with four more to come by the end of the year. Till the official announcement a few more detail have been leaked about the upcoming devices.


RIM is expected to unveil BlackBerry Z10 as well as X10 – devices belonging to the new OS 10 lineup. Crackberry is the newest source for some info regarding the upcoming handsets due to a leak of the manufacturer’s training and sales manual for employees. We are talking about a PowerPoint slideshow revealing some of the features we can expect from the newest devices. In case you want to take a look for yourselves, follow the link to the public post.

The presentation shows a few of the official images from the new version of the OS. It is nothing we haven’t seen before through videos on YouTube or images. It becomes interesting as we read further on, noticing that the new devices will feature “best in classHTML 5 browser performance. Apparently at the day o the official launch, there will be 70,000 apps available for the new platform. Further more, we find some hardware details, including the integration of the Snapdragon S4 chip, 1,800mAh battery, and a 4.2-inch 720p screen offering 356 pixels density. The link above should satisfy all your curiosities.