We’ve seen iPads used in the strangest of environments, from a plane’s cockpit to an operating room and it’s no surprise that people choose to take their work on the go and often times opt for an iPad. Thus, an accessory like a stand is welcome and recommended at times. Apple seems to have also cracked that segment, by coming up with a counterbalanced iPad Pro stand.

The company has patented a special stand, which is supposed to offer the maximum flexibility available to the user. The patent application relates to a future iPad or iPad Pro accessory, which uses a special arm to prop up the device. The illustrations show a specific shape and a display stand connector placed at the back of the iPad, which can be disc shaped.

Apple mentions that the disc can be attached to the back side of the iPad or simply held in place with a new magnets system, so it can attach and detach from the stand easily. It’s all meant for presentations, but it can also be used to make video watching comfier, TV watching or even playing games on the quite heavy big iPads. Many people suffer from the fact that they hold tablets at less than ideal angles from their eyes and this may well help them.

A stand assembly configured for iPads includes a base, a mechanical assembly and a mechanical arm and linkages. The connector is configured so it will “detachably connect” the portable electronic device to the mechanical assembly. The weighted component will counterbalance the weight of the portable electronic device. A variety of stand formats are being considered.