Remember the piece we had here regarding the iPad Mini launch on October 23rd? Well, turns out it was the real deal, as Apple is holding an event on October 23rd, to announce the new and smaller tablet. The 7.85 inch slate has been rumored for months now and leaked in a lot of pictures recently.

We’re dealing with a big rival for the Kindle Fire HD here and the Nexus 7 here, especially if the rumored price is real (about 249 euro). The October 23rd event will also steal the thunder from Microsoft’s event on the 26th, that’s for sure. It remains to be seen when Apple will actually start selling the tablet in stores, but that will probably happen in the first half of November and we’ll probably get huge sales around Black Friday.

Expect some solid releases of apps and software associated with the new iPad, to make it even more appealing. For now we know that the device has a 7.85 inch display and a battery that’s one third the size of the one on the iPad 3, if I’m not mistaking. The main mystery here are the CPU, display resolution and camera resolution. They’re probably Retina Level, Apple A6 or A5X and 5MP respectively. We’ll be back with more info in the following days when I’m sure more leaks will come.