Since Intel has big plans on the mobile side this year, AMD couldn’t stand aside and watch as their rivals triumphed. Thus, they announced that they’re preparing low voltage processors for Windows 8 tablet PCs. Since Microsoft is getting ready to debut Win 8 by the end of October, AMD will have to be ready by then.

It will be interesting to see who partners with AMD, since many big companies have worked with Intel for years and they’ll be afraid to betray their partners. Anyway, AMD is preparing the Hondo processors for the near future, with 40 nm Bobcat architecture and power consumption of 4-5W. The chipsets will launch in Q4 and compete against Intel’s Clover Trail-W processors, also designed for Windows 8 tablet PCs. AMD also has future plans, that involve Tamesh chipsets, to replace Hondo in 2013.

The architecture will also be upgraded from Bobcat to Jaguar and the new CPU will enhanced both consumption and performance. AMD also made an announcement recently related to its Trinity processors for notebooks and now it’s ready to announce models for desktops. All these CPUs are made by Globalfoundries with a 32 nm process.