Microsoft has big predictions for Windows 7, although that OS is about to be replaced by Win 8. It will come around October, but till then MS predicts no less than 350 million Windows 7 devices will be shipped by the end of 2012. The number comes straight from CEO Steve Ballmer, who mentioned it during a forum in Seoul, Korea this week.

He also said that the number makes Windows the most popular single system. Keep in mind that Windows 7 is only 18 months old and it’s one of the best received Windows versions of all times. Windows 8 will mark a stronger movement to the tablet market, that didn’t embrace Windows 7 because it came on clunky and bulky machines that had poor battery life. Now with Intel and AMD perfecting their processing solutions, we’ll get decent battery lives and hopefully thinner chassis.

There are companies such as Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo who are launch partners for Windows 8, so I trust its debut to go well. The first 6 months will tell us if Win 8 is a success, but till then MS will capitalize greatly on the Windows 7 sales.