Amazon seems to be happy with the sales and popularity of its Echo device, since it’s including some elements from that product onto a future tablet. The device is said to come with Alexa, according to The Wall Street Journal.


All we know is that we’ll be getting a product with a “tablet-like computer screen” and it’ll bear the name Knight. Lab126, the mysterious hardware facility from Amazon is developing this tablet, that may or may not be meant for the kitchen. The source claims it’ll let users load sites or pictures even with the hands covered in flour, so its destination is clear.

Amazon has been targeting the kitchen for a while now, after being focused on the living room and bedroom with its gadgets. The inclusion of Alexa means the slate will be able to react to pretty much all the voice commands you’re giving the Amazon Echo for example. You’ll stream music, control appliances and learn the weather and TV schedule thanks to it. Lab126 has some nifty projects under its belt, having worked on the Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, the phone (meh), Fire TV, Echo and Tap.