Global PC shipments have reached 101 million units in Q1 2016, with the total volumes dipping by 13% year on year to the lowest point since Q2 2011. Basically, we’re back 5 years ago and this regression is never before seen on this market.


Apple keeps leading the pack, or at least it did in Q1 2016, with shipments of a bit over 14 million units. That’s a 17% drop still and Lenovo shipped 25k units less than Apple, so they’re not doing bad. Two in one models are still growing, with around 13% shipment bump over the past 3 months. Global PC demand is dropping, that’s for sure and tablets are hit the worst.

The whole market segment only generated just under 39 million units shipped over the past quarter. All the PC types in the Asia Pacific region have shown weakness, damaged by the growth of the smartphone market and their falling prices. I guess I should say phablet market, since they’re the ones doing most damage to slates.

PC shipments in Asia Pacific and Greater China dropped 14%, for a third consecutive quarter of double digit decline. Things aren’t better in EMEA, there the drop was at 115%, with notebooks being 18% lower than the previous year. 2016 seems like a very bad year for PC makers…