Alcatel’s latest stroke of tablets and smartphones are very much designed for the low-budget market, with an emphasis on good design quality. Thus it is expected that the manufacturer will find more than adequate support coming to people’s demands.

wpid-ONE-TOUCH-EVO7_front-angle-leftThe Alcatel tablet that is so cheap, while offering decent software and design, has now surfaced available for Three. The One Touch EVO 7 is offered for the very good price. Wi-fi variants are each available on a 24 month contract for £19.99 a month with 15 GB of data (plus a one off upfront cost of £9.99).

The tablet offer a configuration with a 1 Ghz CPU that will offer decent performance for browsing, watching movies and music. Don’t expect any high-quality gaming though, even if the basic puzzle titles and such should run just fine. On the software side there is Android Ice Cream Sandwich that looks very good on the 7-inch display. The device comes in both 3G and WiFi only variants.