With Apple deciding to launch its own version of the Nexus 7, people were wondering if the device will ever be able to face the massive cheap Android tablets market. Little after the launch and the figures told a story of success for Apple, another one one might add.


The Apple iPad Mini is a very well built device, offering decent to good performance given the light OS and very attractive. One aspect where it has to suffer is its price, going for more than initially expected. Fortunately, with so many manufacturers out there, especially from China, one cheap alternative that is also good is a possibility.

From manufacturer Ramos comes a very cheap Apple iPad alternative that also offers the advantage (or disadvantage for some)  of running the Google OS. The tablet looks for the most part exactly like the Apple device, though the choice of materials is another story and given the $200 price you should not expect carbon fiber. The tablet runs on an Actions (ARM Cortex-A5) ATM7029 quad-core processor paired with Vivante GC1000 graphics, offers 1GB of RAM, 16GB of built-in storage and a microSD
card slot. It also comes with WiFi, though Bluetooth seems to be missing. Overall a good package.