An interesting device was spotted by us online this week, a 10 inch Intel Bay Trail tablet that runs Windows 8 and costs only $200 to make. This time we were lucky enough to see a components cost list and you can find that below.

tab 1

The device’s branding feels familiar, MeeGo Pad, although I find it hard to believe that this slate has anything to do with Nokia’s defunct OS. Apparently the slate is priced at $208, which is incredibly close to the production cost. The tablet relies on a back made of magnesium and aluminum, with some plastic sides thrown in for good measure. This model comes with a 2 megapixel back camera, dual speakers and a pretty decent 8400 mAh battery.

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I wonder if Microsoft didn’t implement the Windows 8.1 with Bing and charged MeeGo Pad, would the profit made by the company have been zero or even a minus? Anyway, the Microsoft decision is driving prices and costs down and that is for the benefit of the customer in the end. So, let’s check out the component cost list:

  • LCD: $39
  • TP: $19
  • Motherboard: $110
  • Battery: $10
  • 3G small plate: $3
  • Camera: $8
  • Speaker: $1.5
  • Magnetic charging port: $1.5
  • Case: $8

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