RIM is apparently planning to rise from the dead with two new tablets this year, a 7 and 10 inch PlayBook, according to a recently leaked roadmap. The 10 incher will be A LTE model, that’s targeted at holiday sales, according to the same inside sources. I have to remind you that the first PlayBook recently reached a price tag of $299 and that RIM registered some pretty poor sales last year, because of the failing PlayBook and handsets.

The information leaked to N4BB shows that RIM is preparing a new 7 inch 3G+ slate, that will come in April, while the 10 incher with LTE is scheduled for December. Together with the 7 inch tablet we’ll see the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones, apparently. A recent leak of the PlayBook OS 2.0 shows LTE support and a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, that may appear on both models. MWC 2012 is expected to include at least one new RIM tablet and a demo for BlackBerry 10 OS, so next month will be a busy one.

Also, PlayBook OS 2.0 will be released pretty soon, maybe even at MWC 2012, when the new handset OS is shown. In the meantime the Canadian BlackBerry maker is trying to figure out who will buy it and rid it of the problems it have, especially in the image and sales departments.