2012 just began and already Samsung and Apple are at it again, quarrelling on patents and injunctions. The Cupertino giant just filed ten more injunctions against the Korean company’s smartphones and tablets in Europe. Meanwhile, Samsung wants to have access to Apple’s contracts with Qualcomm, since they feel that something wrong and illegal might have been done.

Samsung has been accused over the past year of copying Apple’s designs and infringing patents with 10 handsets and 5 tablets, according to the Germany court quoted by Bloomberg. Apple wants to block all 15 devices from sale in Europe, but they’ll most likely achieve that only in Germany, that has a history of supporting Apple’s claims. On the Samsung side of things, the South Koreans made a request to the US District Court in California to access documentation that details the agreement between the iPad maker and Qualcomm, the company that provides them with chipsets and radios.

The Qualcomm MDM6610 chipset is the important one here and Samsung wants all details, in order to find contract flaws that could damage the case that Apple has against Samsung and its technologies. Samsung is saying that Apple should pay for using Qualcomm technology, but Cupertino defends itself by saying that they automatically gain access to Qualcomm tech by being their customer. Will Samsung finally be able to breach Apple’s defense?