ZTE is prepping to debut a few new goodies at MWC 2014, the show that debuts officially in Barcelona in less than 6 days. They’ll be there with handsets and probably also tablets, but let’s analyze what we know in the following lines.


ZTE has played a major part in the last tech shows, aside from the ones in USA, like CES. They do show up at MWC with the occasional smartphone and tablet and they’ve just teased a new 6 inch device. This is the Grand Memo II LTE model with a 6 inch display and it will be accompanied by a Firefox phone, the Open C.

The latter will run Firefox OS 1.3 and ZTE also mentioned something about a new version of MiFavour UI, that will debut on Android devices. ZTE has been reserved about its teasing, so we can’t give you more. Seeing how all major Chinese players are all about $150 ish tablets, don’t be surprised if they come up with one.