Huawei isn’t the only Chinese outfit preparing a foldable phone, as ZTE also patented one. It’s detailed below and feels a bit like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. We’re dealing with a foldable phone with a flexible display, that comes with a screen that can be split in two upfront.

The unified screen upfront feels pretty seamless and the back side features a fingerprint scanner and a dual camera. Earlier thisyera, ZTE filed a patent with the Chinese CNIPA authority, formerly known as SIPO. It was published a few days ago and describes this new product with a flexible screen. It’s a foldable phone that unfolds into a tablet.

Upfront we see a pretty large display with a small bezel for the speaker, sensors and selfie camera. the back side feels a lot like the ZTE Axon 9, that came this year. When unfolded, this device feels more like a tablet, but a compact one, closer to 7 inches. ZTE was actually a pioneer of the whole foldable thing, since it debuted the ZTE Axon M last year.

ZTE also patented a dual sided smartphone this month, with a design similar to the Nubia X. Expect a new ZTE Axon M at CES 2019 or maybe MWC 2019, hopefully with a slimmer design.