In terms of launching new devices, Microsoft´s latest move involves the Surface Pro tablet that is now available and rising in sales as we speak. The software giant would want to get its products to as many users as possible and as market strategies often relay on partnerships we´re here to talk about MS´s latest.



TRD (Toyota Racing Development) has decided to move in the direction of adopting technology for giving its racers an advantage in the courses. These days almost all sports events rely on some form of technology for keeping scores and such, let alone when it comes to precision sports such as racing. Here advanced tracking and GPS systems are required to be perfectly in order for the drivers to be aware of what´s ahead.

Toyota´s partnership with Microsoft will provide the Japanese manufacturer with software that could provide the Toyota NASCAR teams a potential advantage in races. Using the software in combination with the Surface Pro, teams will be able to exercise very accurate tracking and localisation. The touch-based interface also sports the ability to share the collected data with other hardware in real time. TRD’s vice president of chassis operations, stated the following:

“Trackside means more time is spent on the track and less time is spent talking. Teams are back on the track faster, allowing them more time to determine the optimum setup for the race car. Our mission is to take advantage of the latest innovation in technology to quickly get better data — which translates into faster cars on the track.”