As you probably know already, a big portion of the price of a Windows tablet is taken up by its license fee for the OS. Don’t think that Windows 8 will escape that, since it appears that Windows RT will have a license cost of $85.

For those of you who don’t know, Windows RT is the ARM-based version of the Windows operating system. It’s expected to arrive on tablets this fall, but the prices will be high enough to make tablet makers think twice before getting into Win 8. Actually licensing prices for Windows RT will go from $80 to $95 for vendors.

The info came out during a Computex meeting with multiple vendors and considering that ASUS unveiled many win 8 models, I guess they broke into the piggy bank for them. The first Windows RT slates will cost around and over $500 apparently and it will hard for vendors to move many units. I also don’t see big carriers buying them in bulk. Any ideas on how they will pull this off?