Amazon struck gold big time with the Kindle Fire, actually so big that even Google wanted to make a cheap 7 inch tablet like they did. Anyway, now it appears that the Amazon Appstore for Android is also coming to Europe, together with the Kindle Fire.

Next week Amazon will announce that it will be taking submissions from developers all over the world and that Europe will gain access to its app store. After a crazy quarter, Amazon reached almost 14% of the US tablet market, but sales have started to chill down lately, as people hold on to their money and wait for the cheap Nexus Tablet or maybe they’re out of money, after having bought the iPad 3.

In case you want background info, know that the Amazon Appstore for Android launched in US in March last year, 8 months before the Kindle Fire even reached stores. Right now there’s no exact info on the European Kindle Fire release. We’ve tested the Kindle Fire in Europe and felt it was pretty cripple by the lack of support for app downloads, but with all the hacks out there, I’d say that the users are OK with that.