Windows 8 continues to plunge into an abyss, as it fails to impress yet again, as shown by the figures of OS usage for February. For the past 28 days or so Windows 7 was the most popular OS, with 44.55% market share, followed by Windows XP, with 38.99%.


Then comes Vista, with 5.17%, then Windows 8 with 2.67%, a pretty lousy figure, considering the platform has been out for months now. The time of excuses is over, the two dead months of the year are done (January and February), the time when people don’t shop since they’re broke after Christmas. The battle will begin now to increase sales yet again, with a bunch of Spring holidays coming, including Easter. March was traditionally Apple’s time frame to launch a new iPad, but this year that doesn’t seem likely.

It’s a fit time to grab more market share for Android and Windows 8, but the latter can’t seem to take advantage of that. By the way, the figures above come from analytics firm Net Applications and they refer to operating system usage. Windows 8’s traffic is at 2.67% of web traffic, which is a small increase from 2.36% in January.