The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE was launched in January and it hasn’t been launched yet. Apparently it’s coming to Verizon this Thursday, on March 7th. The device keeps the same specs of the original 10.1 inch slate and adds 4G LTE connectivity in the mix.


This was the first device with 2 GB of RAM we handled and the only regret we had about it in the review was the creaking case and the low display resolution. It’s 1280 x 800 pixels, although Full HD would have been welcome. There’s also an S Pen in the mix, with the usual S Note, S Suggest and other features included. Some accessories for the slate have already appeared on the carrier’s site, such as screen protectors and more, hinting at the launch happening soon.

The WiFi version of the tablet runs Android 4.1.2, the minimum expected here, although Android 4.2 would have been better. No idea what the price will be, but $199 or $299 on contract is a pretty safe bet. Will you be buying this device, considering it actually made it to the top of the 10 best tablets of 2012, at least on