Microsoft has been pretty vague regarding the launch date of Windows 10, only revealing it will come this summer. Now, AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su has spilled the beans and let everyone know the OS is coming at the end of July.


That happened during a recent conference call, in which Lisa Su was asked about the current state of AMD and its future plans. The official went on to discuss the Q1 and Q2 approaches, as well as the debut of Windows 10, that will aid AMD in the back to school time frame. Windows 10 will bring Cortana, among others, UI changes, as well as the ability to stream Xbox One exclusive titles.

It’ll also support cross play and cross buy between the Xbox and PC and host universal apps for PC, Xbox and Windows Phone. Internet Explorer will probably be canned in favour of Project Spartan and fingers crossed for a more sensible update system. Back in Windows 8 I was annoyed that I couldn’t turn off or on my PC, because I had to wait for the updates to finish, sometimes taking ages.