In spite of the recent problems between RIM and its investors, the company is still planning to give PlayBook a couple of successors. Among those we find a WiMAX-enabled version of the slate, that has been recently spotted in a Google Search as shown below.

This 4G version of the tablet is mentioned in a mere placeholder right now, so there’s no real information to work with. The PlayBook should have shipped from Sprint on April 19, but the date was pushed to May 8 and once again to an unmentioned date. This device is based on QNX OS, a platform that we’re going to see on BlackBerry phones in the future.

Reviews of the PlayBook have been mixed till now, most of them mentioning the lack of apps supported by QNX. The good thing is that apparently, Android apps will also be supported on the tablet in the future. The tablet has been having a number of problems, like the recent recall of the 16GB model from the Staples.