Just a few hours ago, the entire Microsoft Surface keynote appeared on the web, so you can see Steve Ballmer and co announcing their latest product. Not only the Surface Windows 8/Windows RT tablet was announced, but also some accessories, like the Touch Cover and Type Cover.

Also on stage was Steven Sinofsky, a very nice man from Microsoft, who gave a short demo of the new slate. Sinofsky has been president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at MS since July 2009. Steve Ballmer was the host of the event and he was much calmer than usual and certainly not screaming “Developers, developers, developers, developers!”. Microsoft kept the event short, but enthusiastic and each of the speakers was really into what he was saying. They talked a lot about the magnesium case, the thickness, the manufacturing process and all that.

The keyboard cases were also approached. Know that when connected to the Microsoft Surface, the 3mm case will also be used a full multitouch keyboard with a trackpad. Microsoft created that using an unique pressure sensitive technology. Panos Panay, one of the designers for Microsoft described to the audience the ideas behind this concept. He said that the cover’s sensitivity to pressure will increase typing speed, even compared to on screen keyboard. And also, the speakers detailed the built in kickstand at the back of the tablet, a nifty feature that we’d like to see on more slates.

All of that and more in the video below!