Microsoft is preparing for the big unveiling of Windows 8 and its associated tablets, taking place in a special event on October 26th, at midnight, as it was confirmed by MS itself. Microsoft already sent press invitations starting yesterday to the event, taking place in New York and kicking off at 10 am on October 25th and leading up to the midnight debut of the Surface on the 26th.

Other Microsoft Stores will start selling the device on October 26th and I guess that the products may be available as soon as midnight. Seeing how the PR machine over at Redmond works, I expect quite at crowd at the designed location, not an Apple launch type crowd, but still a decent queue of people. Also, it appears that Microsoft has another event ready, one that involves Windows Phone 8 and that one will go down on October 29th in San Francisco, so MS will have a busy end of October, by all indications.

We still have no prices for the Surface Tablet, last detailed by Steve Ballmer as priced at somewhere between $300 and $700 to $800, these being the sweet spot amounts of cash paid for the tablets. So, how much are you ready to shell for a Win RT Surface Tablet? How about the Win 8 Pro one?