As more and more devices get launched with HDR support on board, Netflix, YouTube and other video services start customizing their services for them. YouTube recently offered HDR support on the Galaxy S8, Xperia XZ Premium and a few other phones and now it’s the turn of the iPad Pros to get HDR on Netflix.

Netflix already offers HDR and 4K on the brand new Apple TV 4K, so it was the next logical move to bring HDR to the iPad Pro and iPhone X. The latest update for the Netflix app on those devices is one that does it. It lets you watch movies and TV shows with a high dynamic range on both the 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models from this year.

Not all content is available in HDR, but the movies and TV shows that are will be marked with a “HDR” in the selection area. The appeal of HDR is that it makes color more realistic and vivid and also offers better contrast. The wide color gamut of the new iPads is put to better work once this option is activated. Once you see this type of content, the regular, older one will seem washed out.

I’m more excited about the way it’ll look on an OLED panel, but since Apple only has that on the iPhone X, there’s a bit of waiting to do till it comes to the iPads.