Wacom has quite a bunch of quality products on its list and among those there are also the Bamboo Professional Pen Tablets. Similar to the devices in this series, Intuos4 is a new model made by Wacom and it comes with side controls (instead of being on the top), like user defined ExpressKeys.


There’s also a multifunction Touch Ring on board, for easier zooming and using shortcuts. Intuos4 is a tool for artists and designers and it uses a very natural-feeling pen, mimicking the movement of pen on paper. The new Wacom tablet is available in various sizes, from the Small with 6 keys and 24 square inches of drawing space, to the XL, with 218.4 square inches of drawing.

The smallest product of this line costs $229, while the medium goes for $349 (with 48.5 square inches of drawing room), the large costs $469 (102.5 square inches of drawing space) and the Intuos4XL retails for $789.

[via Coolest Gadgets]