If you’re looking for an interesting title to play, Urban Rivals is a multiplayer strategic game, based on cards and tournaments. It’s already ranked in the top 10 RPG games in Germany, Canada, France, Spain and more countries. Hundreds of characters with cool designs are available and they gain experience after each fight, improve statistics, unlock new abilities and even change physical appearance after leveling up.

The game features intense and strategic fights, over 500 characters, lots of game modes and an in game tutorial that will teach you the basics. There’s also a special market, allowing you to trade your characters with other players. There are 8 million registered users available, so you’re bound to find someone to battle. The game is made by Boostr and it’s a freemium app, that resembles good old card trading games of the past. If you were a Pokemon fan, you will certainly love this.

Card trading is accompanied by very good graphics, with bright and polished characters and environments. Tournaments offer you prizes and you get more characters as you complete more missions. You can download the game from here or scan the QR code below to get it as well. Card traders unite!