The App Store’s fifth anniversary is coming up in a few days and Apple has prepared some nifty freebies for us all. Those include huge hits like Infinity Blade II, now available for free or the famous Badland, one of the award winning iOS titles.


There’s also Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP and Where’s My Water?, featuring the famous Disney crocodile. Tiny Wings is also offered for nothing, as well as the incredibly cool software Traktor DJ, that usually sets you back $19.99. None of these apps has been free up until now, not even in the weekly freebies section, so the offer is very cool.

Last week, Warner Bros took its games down to 99 cents on July 4th, as they celebrated Independence Day and you could get cool titles like Bastion, Man of Steel and more for just cents. Freebies and offers continue as we approach the anniversary. As a bonus, you can download Barbados Bingo on google play store and play your favorite online bingo game with great newbie perks.