There is no shortage of RTS strategy games fr the iOS platform but few offer innovative gameplay and good graphics. Throne of Swords is payed through both the classic single player mode and multiplayer. It is a title to be enjoyed and offered for free.


If you decided to go with the multiplayer mode in Throne of Swords, all you have to do is to invite friends to play with you by tapping on the Add Friends button. You all enjoy the delightful experience the game offers where all swords are allied against the common enemy. In the single player mode you will need to fulfill quests and conquer all your enemies.  The game offers a lot of changeless and a lot of exploring is required for/and finding the necessary resources. The graphics are very good but are likely to pose some problems if you own a 1st gen iPAD tablet. Here is the full list of features the game offers:

  • Explore the alternative realms with stunning 3D graphics
  • Build your Kingdom in both Single Player mode and Multiplayer Mode
  • Discover new lands, find treasures, and meet enemies during your map explorations
  • Recruit Knights to join your army in battles
  • Conquer other Kingdoms and compete through PvP mode
  • Make Alliances with your Friends and battle together against the rivals
  • See your score on the Leaderboards: become the strongest in the game
  • Strengthen your Kingdom by going out on PvE Quests
  • Upgrade your Castle: make it stronger and more beautiful
  • Build Cropfields, Mines, and Lumbermills, which will help your Kingdom flourish
  • Unlock and train troopers who will then fight by your side


 Get the game for free from the Apple App Store or scan the QR code bellow for faster access.