We’re only one hour away from the debut of Nokia World 2012’s conference, that will include the unveiling of the first Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. Now there’s a fresh rumor saying that Nokia might surprise us all with a new tablet, either today or in the near future, considering they are working on Windows tablets in California.

Insiders make these claims and say that the US project involves either Windows  or Windows RT, with the source being a former Nokia exec, quoted by Finnish paper Tekniikka & Talous. Tablets are strangely missing from Nokia’s portofolio, although such devices have been approached by all major brands till now. Well, the company did try similar gadgets, like the 770 model with Maemo, but today’s definition for a tablet has changed. Years ago Nokia also tried to release the Nokia Booklet, a Windows 7 netbook, but it was a failure.

They must be careful with this product, especially considering Microsoft has a tablet of its own out there, so they wouldn’t want to outdo their protective wing, would they? With Acer frustrated about the Microsoft Surface tablet, I can’t imagine Nokia too happy about having to compete with its partner, if they do make a tablet… also careful about the price, that makes or breaks a product nowadays.