It seems that the new fifth-generation mobile arhitecture Nvidia Tegra 5, also known as code Logan (or Wolverine, one of the superheroes of the Marvel Universe), will be unveiled in early 2014.


In the past few years, Nvidia had make a habit by dressing up its mobile architectures with superhero names. The Tegra 3 was named Kal-El (Superman), and Tegra 4 was named Wayne (Batman). Tegra 5 will have a graphics subsystem based on Kepler arhitecture, introducing for the first time a single unified shader GPU.

This GPU offers performances that are similar to what is found on laptops equipped with GPU GeForce 600 Series (GT600m). Nvidia promises that the new Tegra 5 will have a lower energy consumption through a much finer engraving 20 nanometers. Logan could be formed on an ARM Cortex-A50 architecture (Corte-A53 and Cortex-A57) giving it the 64-bit compatibility. We would find out more about this in the next few months, at CES and MWC 2014.


  • DeianStancu

    Tipcal for Nvidia. We can barely find products with Tegra 4, the paint wasn’t even dried on the shelf products :)) No wonder Snapdragon is more popular and also because it’s much better.

  • renz

    it doesn’t matter if there is less product using Tegra 4 or late to the market. nvidia intend to refresh tegra on yearly basis. if they delay T5 so T4 can get more market share and reap more profit they will end up like Texas Instrument OMAP.