The Tesco Hudl is a tablet sold by a retail chain, following the example set by Amazon and its Kindle Fire. Tesco is the retail chain here and the Hudl slate got reviewed recently by, that analyzes the product in detail.


The product is priced at 119 quid and features a 7 inch IPS LCD screen with a 1440 x 900 pixel resolution, a scratch resistant and anti smudge glass and 10 point multitouch. There’s 16 GB of storage on board, a 2 MP Front camera and a 3 MP rear camera. We’ve got a 1.5 GHz A9 quad core CPU and a microSD card slot, plus a microUSB port in the mix as well.


We’ve also got a HDMI out port, which is an excellent addition, even compared to big brand tablets. The review mentioned above does have some complaints about the product, like the fact that the screen is a bit dim and washed out. Battery life is quoted at 9 hours and the camera performs as expected, meaning it’s not that impressive.

Hudl runs Android 4.2.2 in a stock version and the only modification Tesco did was the “T” logo in the bottom left hand corner that is used as a shortcut to their apps and services. Build quality is also quoted as good and if you want more details, there’s the full review in the source link below.