HTC announced the giant phablet One Max days ago and we already know details about its price and availability on carriers, or at least one of them. I’m talking about Vodafone UK, that will sell the handset exclusively in its home land.


The 5.9 inch One Max will be available on Vodafone from launch with a 24 month Vodafone Red 4G plan with 49 quid paid upfront and 47 quid each month. In the meantime, you can also buy the device from, that sells it off contract for 600 quid, in the 32 GB version. Of course, you can get the 16 GB unit for less, but that’s nowhere to be found right now.

Or you can opt for a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, that doesn’t have a very different pricing, but it offers more in the same package. It comes with a more powerful CPU, a stylus, extra software features and also a more compact case, I guess, considering the smaller diagonal. But then again the One Max has a fingerprint scanner, if you’re into that…