Teardowns are usually a good way to learn more about products and the new Nintendo 2DS is no exception. Seen by many as a sort of tablet rather than your regular console, this device was recently stripped of its components, with the findings detailed below.


The dual LCD screen setup here actually involves a single large LCD. The Nintendo 3DS has been all about two separate LCDs till now, so it’s strange to see this approach. It would be interesting to know how Nintendo got a single LCD panel to display two separate images at the same time. For those of you who don’t know, the 2DS is a budget version of the 3DS, one that Nintendo aimed at a public of 7 and under.

There’s an $130 price tag here and the device measures 20.3 mm, which is thinner than the 3DS and the XL units from Nintendo. The 2DS matches the 3DS as far as the upper screen is concerned with a 3.53 incher, while the lower one is a 3.02 incher. It’s strange to call them separate displays, knowing what we know now…