You’ve probably heard the rumors saying that Google is boycotting the whole dual OS thing, at least when it comes to ASUS and Android. They postponed the release of the ASUS TD300 tablet that was shown at CES 2014 and now Digitimes Research has some interesting facts related to the whole dual OS thing.


Microsoft is happier with this initiative than Google is, because they’re getting more market share, piggybacking on the Android part of the deal. Intel’s also happy with this, since people will see how versatile their platform is, so only Google feels the pressure of not being happy here. Right now, only the Intel X86 chip can support dual OSes, offering the option to run either Android or Windows separately.

Intel is one of the main ASUS partners in 2014 and will provide full support for their product lineup. They’ll also help with the marketing and funding. Of course, this type of product remains a niche and not something for the general consumer. Dual OS devices are typically higher priced units, with high end specs and a gimmick basically, since most people already have access to both Windows and Android nowadays…