If you don’t know who Tesco is, then you must find out that this one is a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer that last year introduced tablet devices in supermarkets. Their first tablet is called Hudl and beside being cheap, it was the perfect device to demo the Tesco’s various streaming services.


According to some reports, it seems the the Hudl tablet has been sold in over half a million units. Also, is expected that this device to get soon a sequel called Hudl 2 and to be released in a few weeks. However, we find out that even the company said that will launch an affordable smartphone, such a device won’t be released for the moment as the mobile market has become even more competitive.

Among the improved features of the new tablet we’ll have a better screen, a better performance and design, but also some accessories designed to make the tablet more attractive and useful, making us think about a keyboard dock case. It remains to see at what price this new tablet will arrive once launched on the market.