Just hours ago Tim Cook and co finished announcing the latest novelty from Apple, two brand new iPhone 6 units, the Apple Watch and it all wrapped up with an U2 concert and a new album. The iPhone 6 phablet interest us the most, since the profile of this website is big screen devices, but let’s not forget the rest!


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have a lot in common, including the Apple A8 dual core 64 bit processor, that increases the CPU performance with 25% from the predecessor and the GPU performance by 50%. Both models ship with 8 megapixel cameras with dual tone flashes, but the phablet gets optical image stabilization. iPhone 6 features a 4.7 inch Retina HD display and measures 6.9 mm in thickness, while the iPhone 6 Plus has a 7.1 mm waistline and a 5.5 inch Full HD display.

The smaller unit will be offered with a $199 price tag on contract, while the bigger one goes from $299 upwards. Storage goes up to 128 GB this time and both models are shipped on September 19th. The real major novelty today was the Apple Watch, not the iWatch as it was rumored, but simply the Apple Watch. It came upon us with the catchphrase “one more thing” and features a rectangular body, a sapphire glass screen and a ton of sensors.


There’s a heart rate sensor and a crown button on the side that doubles as zooming in mechanism. The display is a touchscreen, but there’s also a special pressure-based interaction called taptics. The Apple Watch, which may soon need services like time watch repairs, comes with a ceramic back, stainless steel and aluminum body, interchangeable belts and it will even have a gold version. The product is meant for early 2015 launch and it’s priced at $350.

It will charge wirelessly via Magsafe connection and it’s compatible with models from iPhone 4s upwards. Apple Pay was also announced today, as a mobile payments platform, supported on the Watch among others. iOS 8 was announced to arrive on September 17th and that was basically it today, in an even that was very short and concise, with its bulk lasting one hour and a half.