Tesco Debuts 129 Quid Hudl 2 Tablet, Follow-up to a Very Popular Slate (Video)

Tesco's Hudl tablet was probably one of the first slate releases from a store that's usually associated with groceries and other run of the mill shopping. Now they're releasing the Hudl...

Tesco Could Launch a New Tablet Device Sometime Soon

If you don't know who Tesco is, then you must find out that this one is a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer that last year introduced tablet devices in supermarkets....

Tesco Debuts Hudl 7 Inch Android Jelly Bean Tablet Priced at 119 Quid

UK supermarket retailer Tesco has just launched its very own tablet, the Hudl, pictured below. This is a 7 inch model with Android Jelly Bean on board and a 119 quid...

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