We’re approaching the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, followed by the crazy Xmas shopping spree. Well, folks in England are angry at Tesco for scrapping its Hudl tablet, particularly parents who wanted to get it for their kids.

tesco hudl dead

This budget tablet was a fan favourite, especially ahead of holidays. The canning is even stranger if you think that the Hudl2 was a very well selling device, a hit. Current owners may even be making a serious buck by selling their devices for double the usual amount. Parents took to Twitter to voice their anger at the Tesco decision and shamed the retailer for that.

The supermarket didn’t reply and in all fairness, they did warn that this was going to happen quite a while ago. It appears that Tesco also has some problems, as it tries to distance itself from former chief executive Phil Clarke, who oversaw the Hudl project and was recently questioned for fraud and dubious accounting practices.

We’ll remind you that people could get the slate for as little as 60 quid, which is great for a Full HD tablet, that’s easy to use and has high privacy settings for kids. I guess they’re left with Amazon tablets now…