TCL Communication Technology is a company that is more often mentioned in relation to Alcatel than anything else, since they bought the company a few years back. After a few very interesting tablets and phones shown at MWC this year, the company has big plans for 2014.


Taiwan makers claim that TCL Communication is expected to ship 35-40 million smartphones and tablets this year. They also expect to move 25 million feature phones in the same time frame, said the Taiwanese supply chain makers. TCL Communication managed to ship almost 30 million devices during the first half of 2014, of which about half were phones.

The Chinese market stood for 10% of the sales and overseas markets for 90%, according to the sources. TCL sells its products under its own brand in China and under the Alcatel OneTouch brand in overseas markets. TCL Communication has been among the 3 largest handset vendors in the Latin America market and they’ve worked with AT&T and T-Mobile in USA.

They rely heavily on MediaTek processors, bringing solid profit to the chip maker.