We’ve come across a very interesting accessory, called Tabulate, a 3D printed smart case for tablets and phones, that’s shown below. It includes a sort of handle, through which you put your fingers in order to better grip the device.


New York-based Devansh Shah is the creator of the accessory, aimed at travelers, gamers and readers. Tabulate will snap onto a device and make it more comfy to use and it’ll also become more versatile this way, being mounted almost anywhere. The product can be found on Indiegogo for now and its body is 3D printed, but there’s more to this, as the designer is selling the 3D printing files to customers, so they can print the device themselves.


Tabulate cases are available in a wide range of colors and design options. 3D printed attachments for Tabulate include a stand, hook and wall mount. This means the slates can be used anywhere and at any time, on airplanes, train commutes and any other location. There’s a cross stich pattern on the back, letting the user stick the fingers under a fabric band and keep it into place.

Physical cases will be delivered by April 2016, or you can opt to receive your STL file and print in 3D immediately. Backers on Indiegogo can secure a case for $15.