It seems this 2013 there has been a lot of talk about the tablet market in rising and with a very large number of available offers coming from all manufacturers. The most recent statistics are very optimistic in regards to the future of these devices as 2013 seems to be a very good start.


Taiwan has managed to produce a number of the most highly rated manufacturers in the mobile business and it seems the market is flourishing from the number of available options.  Tsann Kuen – the largest IT retailer in Taiwan is going to hold a tablet related fare event with a goal set to deliver over 30,000 units. Meanwhile the 7-inch tablet category is also the most desired in Taiwan, with sales rising over 25% from last year.

Last year the number of tablets sold in Taiwan was around 1.2 million units, almost twice from 2011. The preliminary analysis of the Q1 of this year shows the sales rising to over 70%, headed from double the number or more compared to 2012. The Apple iPad Mini, Asus Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab series and Acer’s Iconia B1 are some of the offers that are most popular, taking the sales levels to an astonishing level.